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About Us - Staff - Felix Dodds

Develops and manages projects for Stakeholder Forum. Represents the organisation at UN events and helps organize and facilitate the involvement of Major Groups in the UN system both domestically and internationally.

Co-Chaired the CSD NGO Steering Committee 1997-2001, which co-ordinated the involvement of NGOs in the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Has been NGO advisor to the UK Government at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (1993-96) and the European Commission (1997-98). He has attended the UN Rio Summit, Habitat II, Earth Summit II, Beijing+5 and Copenhagen+5.


Books & Chapters

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  • Dodds, F. (ed.) (1988). Into the 21st Century - An Agenda for Political Realignment. London: Green Print


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  • Dodds, F., Beecham, K. & Walker P. (1995). Sustainable Development Indicators Report. London: Local Government Management Board
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Interests: Outside of work I listen to `new age' country and western music, watch science fiction films and try to find a sport that I enjoy and gets me fit without too much work (!). I also enjoy writing and have recently discovered that there is food beyond pizzas!


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